Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Valleyscare Post #1

Are you afraid of the dark. Tuh, I'm not. In October of 2006, Something so scary will come to Valleyfair, it can only be named... Valleyscare. No details have been released, but this is an event that is NOT for the timid.
This event will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October starting on the 7th.


-Carn-Evil in 3D: Located in the Game Warehouse, this extremely large maze of killer clowns will make you want to never go to a circus again.

-Chateau Du Damned: Located in the Hi-Test Arcade, this vampire themed haunted house will test your fears with vampires, and those things that go bump in the night.

-Mangler Aslyum: Located in the
Bumper Cars Building, this haunted house or should I say "institute" is for the insane, mangled, and for criminals.


-Blood Creek Cemetary: This Cemetary has risen the dead and these folks just aren't out for a good ole stroll in the park, these guys are after YOU!

-Pirates Crimson Isle: Usual Pirates want treausure, but these Pirates want you and your friends for crew on their ship.

This Event is highly recommended for teenagers and adults ONLY. This event may scare some children to death so don't be stupid and bring your kids... okay?